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Weight loss walking in Georgetown, KY

Women walking for weight loss in Georgetown, KY.

Weight loss is simple, we just make it hard.

You only need to do two things.  Put good food in your mouth and move.

If you’re really serious about reaching and keeping your ideal bodyweight then give yourself one minute to learn this simple secret that’ll get you the body you want.

Tired of going to the gym, running for hours and hurting your body every week?

Daily activity can get you a fit and toned body and keep you there.

Simple idea that works.

Take a 10 minute walk after dinner.  Grab your sweetheart by the hand and walk.  No sweetheart? Your dog, child or neighbor who wants to lose weight all work too.  Not a marathon, just 10 minutes.

It’ll help you digest your food better and you’ll fire up your metabolism by increasing the energy demands from the body.

Sounds too simple?

Do the math… 10 minutes a day times 365 days equals 3650 minutes or 60.8 hours.  A 150 pound person burns about 350 calories per hour walking .  That equals 21,280 calories or 6.1 pounds of fat burned off.

That’s just the beginning.

You can easily expect to add 5 pounds of lean, toned muscle with you new walking habit.  That will cause you to burn another 250 calories a day because your new muscle is “metabolically active”  (Just a fancy way of saying it burns calories).

Here’s how you benefit… 250 calories a day times 365 days equals another 91,250 calories burnt off.  That’s the calorie content of 26.1 pounds of body fat.

You get 32.2 pounds of body fat melted off.  That’s 6.1 gone from walking plus 26.1 vanished because of your new lean, sexy toned muscle.

Imagine being 30 pounds smaller in less than a year by spending only 10 minutes a day on your health.  That’s with zero changes in your diet or anything else.  30 pounds gone.

Too busy running the kids around?  When you drop off the kids grab another Mom who wants to be 30 pounds smaller and walk together for 10 minutes.  Make a new friend and then have fun shopping for new clothes together as you both shrink your body.  😉

More fitness and health tips coming your way.  You can have the body you want.  I’ll help you get there.

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P.S.  With over half of all marriages ending in divorce, growing apart is dangerous.  Your simple 10 minute walk will give you the chance to stay connected with your partner.  Just hearing what’s going on with them, away from the normal distractions,  keeps you in tune with their life.  And it will help you both with your weight loss and fitness efforts.


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