Secrets of How to Lose the Weight You Hate

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Weight Loss Secrets Frustrated by your weight loss efforts?

Does every diet you try end up the same way?

You know.  You lose some weight, feel lousy, stop losing weight and then you gain it all back plus a few extra pounds.

The good news is there’s a better way.

When you understand how your body works this is so much simpler.  Plus you’ll get better results.

The typical diet results in some weight loss while damaging your metabolism.  Ultimately, this almost guarantees you won’t succeed at keeping your weight off.

Your body is both incredibly brilliant and dumb at the same time.  It doesn’t recognize the difference between your diet and starvation.

The number one job your body has is keeping you alive.   When your body perceives you’re starving it has a very predictable response.  It will dramatically slow down your metabolism and INCREASE body fat storage.

Not exactly the results you wanted from your diet is it?

Those of you who know me, know I’m a bit of a science geek.  I spend way too much time looking at clinical research papers and studies that give us clues about what’s really going on with our weight loss efforts.

Sometimes I get ahead of myself so I’m going to start with basics so you and I are on the same page.

Body fat.  Who wants that?

Be grateful you have some or you’d be dead.  Body fat serves essential functions.  It protects your organs, provides “food” for critical processes and helps keep you warm.

The problem is most of us have too much body fat.  Certainly more than we want or need.

Think of body fat as stored energy.  When you take in calories, your body has three choices.  Burn them off, eliminate them or store them.

Unfortunately, when you carry excess body fat you are guaranteed to have certain problems.  Many you already know, some you probably don’t.

Excess body fat is linked to
•    Diabetes
•    Heart attacks
•    Knee problems
•    Respiratory problems
•    Back problems
•    Reduced lifetime earning potential
•    Social anxiety
•    Job discrimination
•    Sleep disorders
•    Fertility problems
•    Death – premature
•    Cancer – recent conclusive studies link it to multiple forms

Do we agree these are a few reason to get your body close to it’s ideal weight?

Now here’s the good news!!!

You can lose the weight you hate without having to deprive yourself or live like a monk eating bark and twigs.  I’ve had numerous people that I had to make eat more food to lose weight.

Yes, you read that right.

Some people will lose weight by eating more food.  Crazy but true.

It’s actually not that crazy when you understand how your body responds to what you do.

That’s what I am going to give you.  The secrets to losing weight.

You can do this. Call it weight loss the easy way.  You’ll lose your excess body fat by following the simple steps I’ll share with you.

Here’s the plan.  I’m going to add a blog post every few days with more information you can use to lose weight safely, permanently, week after week.

Keep your eyes open for the next blog post where you’ll learn about the body’s primary fat storage hormone and how to make it work for you.


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