Don’t let your body rob you of your life…

Get your body toned, lose unwanted weight, look good in your clothes and feel your energy levels skyrocket with the extra energy you want to enjoy your life.

Here’s how simple it is…
When you start working with us, your training will be designed for your existing condition.  You’ll quickly start toning and feel your energy levels grow.

Your results are guaranteed, in writing.

Fitness classes, personal training, semi-private personal training  or one of our weight management classes is where you’ll start fixing your body.

Using weight loss guidance or a full scale program along with your fitness sessions insures you’ll see the best results from your training.

Is Your Body Limiting Your Life?

Finding you can’t do what you’d like because you’re too big, too out of shape or gasping for air so quickly that you can’t play with your children or enjoy physical activities with your friends and family?

We can turn that around and guide you into the best shape of your life.

This Is About You Having The Toned,
Powerful Body You Were Born To Have

You’ll develop the functional strength to enjoy your life so everyday activities are easy.

Is it a struggle carrying groceries, doing yard work or walking up a couple flights of steps?

If that’s the case, contact me now and let’s get you healthy, toned and energized.  You’re going to feel so much better.

Have you worked hard your whole life and find that your health and energy have slipped away?  We’ll turn that around.

Your Age Doesn’t Matter

Age is not a limiting factor.

My oldest client is 81  and believe me, you don’t want to get into an ab strength contest with her unless you’re in excellent shape… (or you’re ready to get beat).

Why Stay Trapped In a Prison-Like Body When the Life You Want Is Waiting…

Ready to be free, unlock your future and end the embarrassment and frustration of being stuck in a body that stops you from enjoying life?

Here’s how….

3 simple steps to get your body, your energy, and your life back right now:

  1. Sign up for a free week of class or complete the contact form and tell me what you want and need
  2. Check out the rest of this website including the Georgetown Fitness Blog.  You’ll discover fitness tips, secrets to losing weight and I’ll reveal insider information you can use to accelerate your progress
  3. Imagine having your terrific toned body with explosive energy, unstoppable metabolism and the first-class life you want.

Take your 3 steps now.

I’ll be in touch.  Your success is guaranteed.

Be Great,

Keith Duncan



Keith Duncan
Georgetown, KY
Certified Personal Trainer

P.S.  Here’s how to reach me…

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Lexington / Georgetown, Kentucky

Studio Phone:  (502) 863-3397
Mobile Phone:  (859) 699-0640
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